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Teaching and Explaining Happiness To Kids


It happened again. I got a big rush of energy and a chunk of ideas “came” to me. Actually, through me because it’s like something very pleasant is whispering to my Soul. The big chunk? I heard that we parents would be happier telling our kids about being happy and all the nuances that go with happiness instead of how to make a living, which career to choose, and how to plan for the future.


It’s all about happiness, folks!


Is your logical mind saying…”But, what about kids? We need to tell them about the realities of life for when they’re adults. They need to be realistic so that they can get a good education and job, pay bills, and live a prosperous life.”


Those things, indeed, need to be told, explained, and impressed as important, but the big point here is HOW to tell, explain, and impress. Through what lens are you providing reality? Is it hardship as in “Life is hard.” Or, is it through doom and gloom as in “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” Is it a combination as in “Work hard, play hard.” 


Well-meaning parents want their children to do even better than they did so they push “Get a good job at all costs,” without discussing happiness. Yes, believe it or not, happiness and career go together. 


What if we shift how we talk about their futures to something like this:



Child: I want to be an astronaut!

Parent: That’s great! Why do you want to be an astronaut?

Child: I don’t know. I just do. I want to fly in space.

Parent: I love how you state your truth so clearly. Do you feel being an astronaut would make you happy?

Child: I think so.

Parent: How about you feel so?

Child: What do you mean feel so?

Parent: We have talked about how there is a difference between thinking and feeling. Deep soul-level feelings is communication with Divine Creator. That is Mother-Father God talking directly to you! It’s not a surface feeling. It comes from deep within you. It has a different feel. It’s different than when you are happy we are having pizza for dinner. Continue to realize and identify what makes you happy…happy at the soul level as we have already talked about many times. I’ll continue to talk about this more and more as you get older because it’s where you’ll know what to do with your life from this point forward. Happiness at the soul level is the only reason to do something.

Child: You mean I don’t have to make my bed unless it makes me happy?

Parent: Yes, that is exactly what I mean. But, here’s something for you to consider. How does making your bed make you feel once it’s done?

Child pauses.

Child: It does make me feel good! I like seeing it look nice.



Child: I don’t know if I want to try out for the lead role in the musical this year.

Parent: What do your feelings tell you? 

Child: I feel nervous. I enjoyed participating last year, but I had a bit part. It was thrilling, though, to be on stage. I loved everything that went with it. I just don’t know if I have the skills. The other kids are older than me. One of them will probably get the lead role. 

Parent: You had feeling and thinking in what you just said. Separate the feelings from the thinking. Have a quiet time to listen to your Soul feelings. It’ll tell you if you’re ready or not to try out. Maybe trying out is the best thing for you even if you don’t get the part. I had many interviews before I got my first job. I was glad to have some “practice” interviews. Or, maybe you’ll get the part!

Child: Yes, I am confused right now. Too much swirling going on in my head. I need to make sense of it.

Parent: Just as a reminder, your Soul will always lead you in the right direction. It’ll make you feel happy. Joyful. Good. Exhilarated. So the nervousness you feel could be high vibrating energy of happiness or it could be your Soul saying one more year of getting to know theater. Your Soul will tell you.


Parent: I love how you utilize this divine communication. It’s better than anything I can tell you or anyone else’s input for your life. It’s the go to space for your happiness!




Your logical mind may be saying, “Yeah, but life throws some hard hits sometimes. Challenges. Roadblocks. Dead ends. Break ups. Some of it is really tough like when people die unexpectedly.”


This is exactly when listening to the Soul leads us to greener pastures, or how to overcome a challenge, or how to get around a roadblock, or when to go in another direction for the roadblock has a purpose: get around it or change course. With any career choice, happiness is at the center of it. Four years of challenging courses make graduation all that more thrilling. Would you play a game that was easy to win every time? Challenges are part of the happiness big picture. Rock climbers stretch (literally) for more and bigger climbs. Runner go for more and bigger marathon events. Writers write longer and different books. 


Please note: Someone who leaves his or her body at a time different than our expectations is a challenge, indeed. At a subconscious level, he or she knew it was time to exit the temporary body suit for this life. The Soul will soothe and explain why living to an old age isn’t a guarantee. The person’s life was complete. It was time to go. We leave in perfect timing except in the case of suicide. Please understand that no matter how we exit from this time and place, we are in good hands…no matter what. For a complete explanation of this subject, read:


Happiness. Joy. Peace. These are the way to guide your child into the most wonderful life right now that is filled with choosing from vast options that their individual Souls will guide perfectly through and around thrilling challenges. It’s all about happiness, folks!!




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There is a bonus in this book with test taking strategies outlined for your teen before, during, and after the test that includes additional specific-to-the-subject test taking strategies.


And as always, at the end of all my books is a lengthy book list for your continued parenting reading because parenting is a lifelong commitment. To ENJOY being the parent is my goal for you!

The Emerging New Human!


The truth is that we have been emerging, growth, and traveling toward spiritual ascension for a looooong time now, but in this year, 2023,  progress to be made is quite profound and capable of swifter movement forward. The chaos we are witnessing on a global scale is similar to our own personal struggle or when two brothers “duke it out” to achieve peace again.


With so much manipulated information being broadcasted 24/7, are you noticing yourself experiencing a more defined personal sense of Truth because you sense the manipulation? It’s more of an acknowledgment of what’s inside of you speaking, swelling up to the top of your conscious/awareness of what is clearly your Truth. Therefore, the chaos has had purpose for you.


It is the same with parenting the children who have arrived recently. They are up to speed with life here on Earth coming into their bodies, they are listening to their internal Wisdoms, and they have a clear understanding of their purposes for being in these bodies. They see through the chaos…unless it’s been removed from them. Unless they’ve been told too many times that their Truths aren’t correct. Unless they now believe that someone else’s Truth is correct.


Parenting these New Humans requires to see the big picture and to remind them of Who They Really Are and to show them how to listen to their personal internal Divine Wisdoms. We parents must see the New Human within ourselves first in order to show it to our kids. We are different than the generations before us because we…were up to speed with life here on Earth coming into our bodies in whatever year we arrived, we were listening to our internal Wisdoms, and we had a clear understanding of our purposes for being in these bodies. We saw through the chaos of that time…unless it was removed from us. Unless we were told too many times that our Truths weren’t correct. Unless we believed that someone else’s Truth was correct.


Let’s fix this generational, traditional parenting style issue into a co-creative, New Human experience for all. Let’s make sure all kids arriving now and recently Who They Really Are and how to listen to their own personal Divine Wisdoms. 


From the chaos comes clarity. The chaos creates the need to develop within us our focus on own Truths in order to show how to do it to our young. For those of us now doing this, let’s do it with confidence today while the others still commingling with the chaos eventually will find their Truths.


This is empowerment parenting. This is spiritual parenting. This is seeing the big picture. This is the path of the New Human!


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