About Middle School Years Without Tears Book 2

This second book in the Middle School Years Without Tears book series, originally published in 2020 as an ebook, is now available in paperback. I love reading books in my hands so if you are like me and want to feel the book in your hands, then you’ll love this one in paperback.


Book description:


What is it really like to be a fly on the wall of your child’s middle school? Here is your grand opportunity to know! Is your child already navigating the hallways, completing homework assignments, interacting with teachers, and learning who’s who with peers? Are you wondering, as the middle school parent, what is really happening with your child’s day? Have you had questions such as, “What do those teachers do all day long? Why won’t they answer my emails in a timely fashion? Why wasn’t I informed about my child’s fight today?”

These questions and so many more are answered in this interactive, no-holding-back book by a veteran middle school teacher. Just as in her other 14+ books focused on this age group and its parents, Lizabeth Jenkins-Dale, M.Ed. presents the nitty-gritties of middle school life from both perspectives: teacher and mom.

She delves into your child’s middle school life from the beginning bell to lunchtime to the last minute with a special section on how to keep your child safe at school. Lizabeth Jenkins-Dale thoroughly explains what components are in a typical lesson and honestly reveals the typical lesson distractions oh so common in middle schools everywhere. She writes to empower you with the knowledge regarding your child’s teachers’ lives from before the students enter the building to the last ding of the school bell with a special section of parent to teacher communication. You will definitely gain valuable information about the fast-paced and wildly energetic experience of middle school! After reading this book, you will know exactly how to communicate with all those involved with your child’s day from the administration to teachers to the staff to the intermittent district workers.

The following additional bonus material is also included in this book: 1. what to do when your child’s academics fall short of your expectations, 2. learning styles and how to implement them into your child’s life, and 3. how to address your child’s school’s shortcomings.

If you have read Lizabeth Jenkins-Dale’s first book in this series, Middle School Years Without Tears: Getting Ready (At Any Time) for Wonderful, Awesome, Successful, and Thrilling Middle School Experiences, then you already know her interactive, dialogue style of writing is inviting, calming, honest, spiritual, down-to-earth, and highly informative. You’ll be glad you read this book, too.



Enjoy the empowerment from understanding your child’s day AND your child’s teachers’ days!




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