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Lizabeth Jenkins-Dale: Author, Mom, and Veteran Educator


Born and raised in South Central Pennsylvania, I enjoyed the beautiful landscape of rolling hills, bountiful trees, and commanding mountain ranges this area provides. For two decades, I lived in South Carolina and loved the fascinating meanders, colorful grassy marshes, and playful pluff mud. Then, I resided in Michigan where the cool breezes whistling through the tall pine trees, fertile farmlands, and three of the five great lakes entertain my senses. Now, I call North Carolina home with all of its rich history, beauty, and mountain ranges. I feel fortunate that I have experienced living in such beautiful places. 


In 1990, I graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Elementary Education from Grove City College, PA, and in 1996, I graduated with a Masters of Education from the University of Charleston, SC. After 30 years of being in education in one way or another: teacher, librarian, writer, presenter, and newspaper columnist, I am also a Parent Relationship Coach.


After experiencing a few “rough spots” in my life, I created a new reality for my life through purposeful, focused, and positive thoughts. Gaining personal perspective with each new exciting step I took, I could see further into my dreams, desires, and possibilities. This is what I express in the Middle School Years Without Tears book series for parents as well as the additional books I have published to assist parents and students to live empowered lives. You, too, can see further into your dreams, desires, and possibilities with your child. And, it can be wonderful, awesome, successful, and thrilling for both of you!


Press Release:

Lizabeth Jenkins-Dale, M.Ed., aka The Middle School Mom Mentor and The Child Awakener, writes, speaks, and consults to help parents navigate the sometimes nail-biting pre-teen and teen years. After nearly 30 years in education including 10 years teaching in middle schools, eight years being a school librarian, four years writing a weekly newspaper column called Purposeful Positive Parenting, conducting parent-child events, speaking at educational conferences, creating the Choose, Groove, Move decision system for teens, and writing 15 books for both parents and teens focusing on a variety of topics such as gossiping, personal power, relationships, death, school, and happiness, her empowered parenting method for this age group is fueled by much experience as a parent and as an educator. Her approach begins with universal spiritual fundamentals of life and then spreads out to any subject highlighting her belief in the eternal goodness of life: “You are never stuck. Your child is never stuck. You always have options with everything.”


She offers opportunities for parents to hear her explain about an empowered parenting paradigm with such speaking titles as, “Grisly Gossipers and Bothersome Bullies And What To Do About Them,” “Who Is Your Child, Really?” “Tough Topics, Honest Responses,” “What Will Be Your Parental Legacy?” “The Problem Solver Solution That Works Every Time,” and “The Best Teen-Parent Communication For Modern Day Children.”


In addition to writing and speaking, Lizabeth has an online parental support group along with a parent rejuvenation program called The Multi-Dimensional Parenting Program, in which she explains the parenting perspectives and techniques she personally utilized and why they are successful for the older Earthlings to guide the younger Earthlings into empowered, positive, and cooperative living.


She can be reached at 843-576-9040,, or



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