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There are times parents need encouragement, ideas, and suggestions from an outside source. As the Middle School Mom Mentor and the Child Awakener, I offer my services with my Multi-Dimensional Parenting Consulting (formerly known as The Best Parent Ever Toolbox Program) to support and empower parents to peacefully, joyfully, and cooperatively work through situations, life-changing events, and other challenges. Please read until the end…many of your questions will be answered here.

Q: What Is Your Background?

I have spent three decades in education in a variety of ways, settings, and areas teaching five different grade levels, including 10 years in middle school. I’m also a wife, mother, and author of 15 spiritually-infused books. I’ve have developed an intuitive style of parenting that allows for my Parental Wisdom to surface and be known.

I have been helping families for years as an educator, columnist, and author, but now assist parents as an Parent Relationship Coach. My education is from over 25 years of joyful motherhood as well as a Bachelors of Arts from Grove City College, Grove City, PA in Elementary Education and a Masters of Education from University of Charleston, Charleston, SC.

Q: What Is Your Approach and What Makes You Unique?

My coaching style promotes a co-creative process with all aspects of Life. This means that I will co-create solutions with you, the parent, and encourage you to co-create with your children to address issues. This is truly a positive way to parent the children of present day.

I believe that seeing stumbling blocks, problems, or life detours as opportunities is the key to successful living. After gathering pertinent information, I will work with you and suggest life strategies to improve the situation(s) as well as the rationale for the strategies. These suggestions may be immediately given or may be forthcoming shortly to allow me to intuitively respond to your personal needs.

I’m passionate about  helping  parents by making a positive difference with the outlook, viewpoint, and functionality of their lives.  I believe in guiding parents toward empowerment for all those involved. “You are never stuck. Your child is never stuck. You always have options with everything,” and, we are all “spirits in physical bodies on life journeys trying to have the best time right now.” Utilizing my experience, intuitive abilities, and empowered view of Life may be the best decision you ever make.

Q: How long have you been doing what you do, and how did you become a Parent Relationship Coach?                                                                                            

To answer this question, I’ll share with you two defining moments in my life and thus resulting in two AH HA! endings that brought me to where I am today – helping parents like you to have high-functioning and empowered communication, to have peace, joy, and cooperation within one’s home and to have a complete understanding of life that includes knowing exactly Who You Are as well as knowing how important ONENESS is to unity.

 In 2006, I was going through the divorce process…again. Ugh! I had a daughter from my first marriage so now I was a single working mom…for the second time. 

In my bewilderment and knowing that divorce was inevitable, I went back to see my therapist who helped me so much through the first divorce. Her previous sessions woke me up and opened my heart to a real spirituality. For the first time ever, I understood how life really worked, so then, how the heck did I end up in this situation again?

The truth is I was so focused on what didn’t work for me in the first marriage that I married what I was focused upon…so I married the exact same personality as my first husband. Double ugh! After realizing what I had done, it dawned on me that Life had given me a big ol’ slap in the face. It was saying, “Wake up some more, Lizabeth!” It was in this AH HA! moment that I understood that Life was an evolving experience, and it would grow with me on my Earthly journey.

Friends and family warned me not to marry again. Who could blame them? But, I was now more awake than ever. I super-duper realized that I was the creator of my life. I had learned hard, but loving and valuable lessons. I knew I could have the relationship I wanted by focusing on what I desired. I made a list of those characteristics, I focused on them, and it worked. I now have been happily married for over a  decade.

Not only that, I was able to manifest a life to allow writing time – a lifelong desire. I have published 15 books for middle school parents and students, have presented my ideas to parents, administrators, and teachers, have written a weekly newspaper column for several years called “Purposely Positive Parenting,” and have maintained a blog. Talk about a turnaround as I went from desperate to empowered!

In 2009 after teaching middle schoolers for ten years, my daughter was now a middle schooler. I had the best of both worlds: the middle school teacher perspective and the middle school parent perspective. My daughter sailed through these three years PRETTY smoothly – oh there were some bumps.

People said to me, “Well, you’re just lucky you got such a nice daughter.” It wasn’t luck, my friends! My daughter had equal opportunity to become the type of teenager displaying all the mood swings, attitude, eye-rolling, and rebellion that any teenager can muster.

I knew how to speak to her in a manner that encouraged her to remain balanced. I used a co-creative parenting paradigm instead of a traditional top-down parenting paradigm. I raised a confident middle schooler because I knew how to instruct her to positively view and address the of so many middle school interactions, events, and situations happening every second. I knew how to give her a spiritual background that carried her through middle school and beyond. These techniques made a WORLD of difference.

Unfortunately, chaos, strife, worry, and struggle are the norm for most middle school parents. During parent-teacher conferences, I often witnessed tremendous parental angst with tears in their eyes or, at the other end of the spectrum, I was verbally attacked by overwhelmed parents who spewed their frustrations. 

One day at school, I had my second AH HA! Since I had gone through so many challenges myself and knew the secret to living the life I wanted, I could help parents ease their way through these middle school years! I could teach them how to co-create the life and relationships with their loved ones knowing it would open up their worlds to live in the Land of Possibility, and, in turn, they would teach these things to their own children.

Just as I had cleaned up my past and understand how life works to live an empowered life, I now teach parents how they can do the same. I watch them experience better communication through knowing Who They Really Are. I observe the positive impact of understanding ONENESS in their lives. Families can thrive with the co-creative parenting paradigm!

I have made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping middle school parents become, live, and experience empowerment. I believe that “You are never stuck. Your child is never stuck. You always have options with everything.” My website states: EMBRACE THE EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCE WITH EMPOWERMENT! I’ll show you how to do this.

I have created the Multi-Dimensional Parenting Program for you. If you, the parent, live and feel empowered, then your children will likely live and feel empowered, too.

Along with many other things,The Multi-Dimensional Parenting Program teaches you how to talk to your children to get the best from them, how to view all school situations, events, and interactions including bullying and gossiping to gain win-win results, and how to empower your child swirling in the midst of the middle school ocean. This is for every parent who needs help getting off the middle school roller coaster to an empowered life.

Don’t have a middle school child? While most of my teaching career was with middle school students, I also taught first, second, and fifth grades. The techniques and strategies in The Multi-Dimensional Parenting Program work for any age of child. Preparing for middle school begins in third grade!

Q: Who are your parent clients?

I work with people just like you who are busy, overwhelmed, worried, nervous, concerned, and questioning if they are doing the right things with their children. I work with parents just like you who are wanting more from life, who want to provide more experiences for their children, and who want freedom to live life to the fullest.

  • Mothers and fathers of pre-teen, middle school, or teen children
  • Parents who feel off, alone, frustrated, misunderstood, or empty
  • Adults who want to make sense of their lives to set an empowered example for their children

Q: What makes you different from other coaches, consultants, or mentors?

Because of my unique personal experiences, I can relate to anyone who has been through the sometimes l-o-n-g and w-e-a-r-i-s-o-m-e divorce process, anyone who has been divorced more than once, and anyone who has hit rock bottom not only financially, but also emotionally and physically. I can relate to anyone who has been in a job that seemingly sucks the soul out of them, anyone who is terrified about raising children on his or her own, anyone who knows what it’s like to only have $25 left in a bank account for the next two weeks, and anyone who has had family and friends doubt their ability to make decisions.

And…I can relate to being a middle school mom! I offer powerful insights to the middle school experience because I was both a middle school teacher and a middle school parent.

I’m focused upon shifting your life to be an empowered family unit through a knowing of Who You Really Are, to understand the importance of ONENESS and its impact on your lives, and to develop a deep practice of how to wholesomely communicate with your children not only to get the best from them, but for you to empower them when you’re not around so that they can deal with life’s situation confidently on their own.

I want you to get results from an organic and spiritual perspective about Life, to create a peaceful, joyful, and cooperative home, and to live empowered knowing how to view all interactions, events, and situations that happen in life so that you can teach these things to your children.

You will receive the same practices, beliefs, and perspectives I use every day to be the best parent I can be to my child. I will give you not only what works, but why it works. And, you can be sure I will always tell you the truth.

Q: What type of personality do you work best with and what is expected of me?

The Multi-Dimensional Parenting Program was created for people who are absolutely desiring empowered parenting techniques to experience peaceful, joyful, and cooperative homes. This means not running around all day long, beating yourself up saying: “I just can’t do this anymore with my awful, grumpy, moody child! She’s/He’s not fun anymore!”

Tell the truth…have you every secretly said to yourself? “I really don’t like my child”

The Multi-Dimensional Parenting Program was created for you to implement changes that range from the very slightest to the grandest within your home environment which will produce big results in all areas of your lives. These will eventually lead you to live empoweredly, to have a peaceful, joyful, and cooperative home, and to observe your child empowering her or himself with all the interactions, situations, and events of his or her life. Is that what you want? Don’t you want a child who is confident? I bet you do!

I work best with mothers and fathers of pre-teen, middle school, and teen children who are committed to their own empowerment, who are super-ready to get going, and who just want to know exactly what steps to take to have not only confident and empowered children, but peaceful, joyful, and cooperative children, too.

“I need your help!” you say? Consider what will improve with The Multi-Dimensional Parenting Program to experience a positively empowered household. Will you be less nervous? Be less worried? Will you have fewer arguments and power struggles with your children? Will you stop the wondering about what is really going on with your children? Will you stop procrastinating for what will improve your home life? Will you save yourself time, aggravation, and money? Yes, yes, and yes!

Q: For what type of clients is your program NOT going to work?

Please know I’m selective about who I work with so choosing to gently turn away people who aren’t suited for my program and won’t get the results can happen. It wouldn’t be fair to them. The Multi-Dimensional Parenting Program is not for those who are in extreme situations and/or who need assistance right away. Those who are in abusive, financially desperate, or life-threatening situations need to find immediate assistance from local community sources. It’s been my experience that people in these types of situations need help to adjust their immediate environments as soon as possible. If you fall within this category, do yourself four favors:

  • Call 911 now. Or, go to a trustworthy neighbor or organization to get help.
  • Get some money coming in with a full-time or part-time job. This will take the edge off and provide a little more peace of mind. Mostly, it will de-clutter your mind.
  • Sign up for free parental ideas, blogs, and resources at The information will get you started toward your goals until you’re ready to work with me.
  • Join my Facebook Page called The Multi-Dimensional Parenting Program. The parental information and tips in this wonderfully supportive group will give you a great deal to think about and use.

Doing these four things will really help you begin the process of being an empowered parent. When you’re ready, contact me, and I’ll get you started. I’m in no rush and will be here when you need me.

Other types of personalities I won’t work with are the whiner or the chronic skeptic as well as individuals who consistently make excuses for not implementing The Multi-Dimensional Parenting Program suggested strategies. If you are one of these people, I gently and respectfully ask that you not contact me until you are completely ready. I hope you understand why. We’ll probably just not work well together, and I wouldn’t want you to waste your time or money. My program is all about what can be done, what are the positive options, and what are the grand possibilities. If you desire to live in The Land of Possibilities, contact me and we will get started.

Q: What exactly is The Multi-Dimensional Parenting Program and what does it include?

The Multi-Dimensional Parenting Program gets you going in the direction to be the Rockstar Mom or Dad you know you can be. My philosophy is that when you are feeling great, you’ll be in the best position to be…The Best Parent Ever! So this program focuses on YOU. It begins with understanding your true self, where your personal power comes from, and how to manifest what you want, which includes a peaceful, joyful, and cooperative relationship with your child, of course. Every session will include a Q&A time so that I can help you right away with what has surfaced in your life.

The Multi-Dimensional Parenting Program provides you:

  • A Solid Foundation– We will explore Who We Really Are and ONENESS because knowing these influences and affects all your interactions with others (your child, your child’s friends, your child’s antagonists, your child’s teachers, and more) from this point forward. It is this essential foundation that will provide the basis for all the other parts of this empowering program.
  • Evaluating the Home Landscape– We will discuss how to impregnate your home with as much positive energy as possible so that empowered positivity permeates literally every room, corner, closet, nook, and cranny inside and outside the home.
  • A Parental Paradigm That Works– You want to know how to parent in such a way that provides you peace, joy, and cooperation, right? We will discuss how to choose through which lens, or which parenting paradigm, will you be able to parent best to experience peace, joy, and cooperation with your child not only now, but for years to come.
  • Not-Your-Typical-Conflict-Resolution Program– I have developed a simple-to-understand, works-every-time problem, and co-creative conflict resolution system that has multiple positive residual effects that I will share with you. I have used it with my child, my students, and with myself. It will help not only your child to eventually be an independent problem-solver, but will help you in your personal life, too.
  • Keeping Your Child Safe– The number one parental topic of concern is child safety. This multi-avenue topic has one simple focus – parents want their children to be safe in all ways at all times. First, can it be done? How can it be done so that you can rest well at night? Is there a way children can help with the job of staying safe?
  • What Do You Want For and From Your Child?– Dependency vs. Independency? Controlled vs. Empowered? Seen And Not Heard vs. Respectful? Successful and Happy? Some parents may say they want their children to be independent and empowered, but are they sure? What do these words really mean in terms of every day living? What is success? How is it defined? What is happiness and how to keep it?
  • Enhancing Your Child’s Education– We will discuss many options that range from no cost to big cost to help your child’s in-school education be more than just what the teachers offer as well as your child’s out-of-school education, too.
  • Managing Relationships– Unless you live all by yourself 100% of the time and are self-reliant, friendship break ups, romance break ups, and students, teachers, extended family, and parent annoyances are all part of the experience of living. These – dare I say it? – valuable annoyances are manageable, teachable, and opportunistic moments if one is viewing them from an empowered perspective.
  • Let’s Talk About How To Talk About The Big Topics– Why wait till the big topics, such as death, surface in real time when you have can calm, empowering discussions before they happen so that your child is prepared? What words work best? How do you broach the subject of sex? Oooolala… let’s talk about the big topics!
  • Celebrations, Wrap up, Resources, and More!– We will end this wonderful time together with questions as well as what was learned, additional parental resources, and more.

Q: Does this program really work?

Yes! The result of the program is a more empowered you, the parent, which will positively affect your child. My philosophy is to empower the parent to empower the child. Read testimonials here me as well as my first book, Middle School Years Without Tears: Getting Ready (At Any Time) For Wonderful, Awesome, Successful, and Thrilling Middle School Experiences. 

Q: What results can I expect?

You can expect to:  

  • Know someone really cares about you and your family…and to learn WHY I care so deeply
  • Understand why it is so important that you have an empowered family for world peace
  • Connect with your Truth, your Wisdom, and your Parental Intuition
  • Have big breakthroughs and ah ha moments that result in positive interactions with your child
  • Have less headbanging-on-wall experiences because of feeling frustrated and worried
  • Learn short-cuts through conflict, issues, and situations
  • Experience health benefits of reduced stress living
  • Let go of what isn’t serving you and your family to allow a grander definition of living to enter
  • Find more peace and compassion for yourself and your child
  • Create a new, updated parenting style that is in synch with today’s kids
  • Learn how to self-nurture and to nurture others around you
  • Discover Who You Really Are and Who Your Kids Really Are
  • Feel empowered and excited about your and your children’s futures
  • Fall back in love with yourself and your children
  • Breakout of the old, outdated parental paradigm and why this is so important
  • Vibrate as a loving being and become truly loving with all your relationships even the most intense ones that normally trigger you
  • Develop more compassion for yourself and others
  • Be clear, concise, and honest in your communication – age-appropriate, of course
  • Create healthy boundaries – hey, it’s your weekend, too!
  • Have more ease in your life
  • Learn how to say yes and no
  • Find your happiness and unfold your best life
  • Understand how your soul is awakening and developing
  • End the drama cycles and patterns within you and your children
  • Raise your self-esteem and self confidence in you and your children
  • Rewrite your story and your family’s story
  • Open your heart and expand into your TRUE being
  • See your relationships as mirrors and opportunities for transformation
  • And, create a peaceful, joyful, and cooperative household from which your child enters his or her world confidently ready to handle any situation, event, or encounter

Q: Can I read your testimonials?

Yes, I encourage you to! Please go to this page read all of them.

Q: How quickly can I expect results?

Some parents are ready to go and experience an improved home life in a very short time frame – sometimes even a few days because they listened and implemented changes. Some personal, school, and home life issues take longer to see a positive result.

Q: How can I guarantee myself that I will get benefits from The Multi-Dimensional Parenting Program in record time?

Be the Rockstar Parent you know you can be! You will be working one on one with me, who spent ten years teaching middle schoolers, has a master’s degree in education, and was a middle school mom. To get results, be open to new ideas, be totally committed to your success and shifts, be ready to understand that this is a process that works if you take action as it is best defined for your personal situation. Once you shift yourself, others around will shift, too, even without knowing what you have done. It really does work that way! That’s the power of Pure Love.

Lizabeth, based on everything I’ve read and heard about you, I know you’re the one I want to learn from. What are my options for getting started with you?

Congratulations! You just made a decision for a more peaceful, joyful, and cooperative home! The best way to work with me is in my 90-day The Multi-Dimensional Parenting Program. Below are some of the results you can expect.

You can expect to:

  • Have access to me for the 12 weeks to ask questions
  • Ask me anything on any parenting topic
  • Get your immediate concerns addressed right away
  • Learn how to live empoweredly and how this can greatly influence your parental legacy
  • Experience parental relief from worry, fear, and uneasiness
  • Understand Who You Really Are and Who Your Child Really Is
  • Learn about the importance of ONENESS and its effect on every aspect of your life
  • Review your home for areas of improvement energetically
  • Acquire ways to incorporate positive energy into every aspect of your life
  • Hear what house cleaning techniques I use in my own home
  • Understand a parenting paradigm that works well with the kids coming to Earth now
  • Learn what co-creative parenting is and how to implement it
  • Understand what your role is as the older human being
  • Access your Parental Wisdom
  • Learn how to utilize your Child’s Wisdom
  • Discover how to have a peaceful, joyful, and cooperative home
  • Realize why it is universally important for you to have a peaceful, joyful, and cooperative home
  • Learn my simple, but effective problem-solving system that works every time with everything
  • Understand what life is all about and how this applies to the safety of your child
  • Learn how to teach your child to be safe
  • Acquire the know-how to get the best from your child
  • Learn how to read the message behind your child’s negative attitude, huffing, and eye-rolling
  • Understand how to enhance your child’s education both inside and outside the school
  • Learn how to view all relationships, learn about the types of relationships, and how to manage them
  • Learn how and when to talk about the big subjects of life such as death
  • Discover how to make middle school your child’s perfect garden in which to grow
  • Have lots of time for Q&A because your questions are important
  • Be given many additional parental resources

OK, I’m ready to do this for myself, but I have a couple of additional questions. Can I contact you?

Great! You’re ready to create your wonderful future filled with a peaceful, joyful, and cooperative home! Contact me at I’ll be happy to speak with you. I can’t wait to see you succeed in your life and in your children’s lives, and I am honored to be the one to help you. Let’s get going!

Sincerely with Warm Universal Love To Your Peaceful, Joyful, and Cooperative Home,



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