Need Parental Assistance?

Hey…we all need to summons the assistance of others at some point in our lives. Mechanics, plumbers, lawyers, doctors, veterinarians, painters, and more! Have you ever talked to your child’s teacher only to not really get the information you wanted or needed? It could be due to the fact that teachers are limited in what they can say. I know because I was a teacher for nearly two decades.


With my empowerment parenting style, former education career, and schooling in the dynamics of the glorious and perfectly designed Universe by Creator, I am able to say whatever I want to parents! I won’t hold back! You’ll get it straight from the heart.


I explain to parents all of of Life’s ups, downs, events, situations, and interactions through an unconditional, pure Love lens. And, you know what? IT MAKES SENSE! By understanding Who You Really Are, you will then understand what is happening to you and your family, and how to improve any situation you want for “You always have options with everything.”


There’s a reason I have EMBRACE THE EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCE WITH EMPOWERMENT on my website. Now, this is living!!


Contact me here: for more information. I’ve been in the business of helping parents for decades. Is it your turn?



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