The Emerging New Human!


The truth is that we have been emerging, growth, and traveling toward spiritual ascension for a looooong time now, but in this year, 2023,  progress to be made is quite profound and capable of swifter movement forward. The chaos we are witnessing on a global scale is similar to our own personal struggle or when two brothers “duke it out” to achieve peace again.


With so much manipulated information being broadcasted 24/7, are you noticing yourself experiencing a more defined personal sense of Truth because you sense the manipulation? It’s more of an acknowledgment of what’s inside of you speaking, swelling up to the top of your conscious/awareness of what is clearly your Truth. Therefore, the chaos has had purpose for you.


It is the same with parenting the children who have arrived recently. They are up to speed with life here on Earth coming into their bodies, they are listening to their internal Wisdoms, and they have a clear understanding of their purposes for being in these bodies. They see through the chaos…unless it’s been removed from them. Unless they’ve been told too many times that their Truths aren’t correct. Unless they now believe that someone else’s Truth is correct.


Parenting these New Humans requires to see the big picture and to remind them of Who They Really Are and to show them how to listen to their personal internal Divine Wisdoms. We parents must see the New Human within ourselves first in order to show it to our kids. We are different than the generations before us because we…were up to speed with life here on Earth coming into our bodies in whatever year we arrived, we were listening to our internal Wisdoms, and we had a clear understanding of our purposes for being in these bodies. We saw through the chaos of that time…unless it was removed from us. Unless we were told too many times that our Truths weren’t correct. Unless we believed that someone else’s Truth was correct.


Let’s fix this generational, traditional parenting style issue into a co-creative, New Human experience for all. Let’s make sure all kids arriving now and recently Who They Really Are and how to listen to their own personal Divine Wisdoms. 


From the chaos comes clarity. The chaos creates the need to develop within us our focus on own Truths in order to show how to do it to our young. For those of us now doing this, let’s do it with confidence today while the others still commingling with the chaos eventually will find their Truths.


This is empowerment parenting. This is spiritual parenting. This is seeing the big picture. This is the path of the New Human!


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